What’s in a name?

“Whats in a name? “ 2018 Painting Series.

Inspired by my last series  Native Flora of our GC Water catchment areas – featuring 20 paintings

( 12 images were used for GC Water Cabinets).  I decided to start a new series. – Whats in a name. This series highlights how some of our Gold Coast suburbs acquired their unique names.  The aim is to use semi abstract visual imagery as a trigger for word recognition, assisting  the viewer to  identify the meaning behind the name of a suburb carrying an indigenous name. With  research, I have discovered the City of Gold Coast has around 23 suburbs that  are named with words from our local Indigenous peoples language – Yugambeh. I started creating 15 paintings that give a visual depiction of what their suburb names mean in Yugambeh Language. This year I will eventually  create and compete the   series  featuring 20 of the suburbs.

Gold Coast Indigenous named suburbs and meanings ( Yugambeh Language) .

Tallebudgera – meaning  good fish and derived from talle meaning fish and budgeree meaning good, mean rotten or decaying wood.

Pimpama – means freshwater crayfish(lobby), however it is really derived from the word Peempeema which means the place of the peewee, corruption for bimbinbah, an Aboriginal word meaning place of the soldier bird.

Currumbin – means high up or place where high trees grow or, derived from kurrohmin, meaning kangaroo

Numinbah – means hold tight country from nyummin meaning tight, for the Aboriginals believed that the narrow valley held the mountains together,  place of devils, N’yumminbah, the small midjim palm or walking stick palm.

Coombabah – meaning – Koomboobah meaning place of the cobra worms, Koombabah meaning place of turtles, meaning home of turtles, or a pocket of land

Bundall- meaning prickly vine called cockspur